Rental conditions G&D Recreatie bv

These terms and conditions are intended to protect the rights and obligations of the tenant and the lessor: G&D Recreatie bv.
The tenant is understood to mean the person entering into a rental agreement with G&D Recreatie bv.
The tenant is also understood to mean the person that enters into a rental agreement with G&D Recreatie bv for the benefit of or on behalf of another.

We kindly request you carefully to read the rental conditions. This will prevent any misunderstandings at a later date.

Reservation and payment
1. Each reservation made will be confirmed by G&D Recreatie in a confirmation notice.
2. The tenant is obliged to pay a 30% deposit of the full rent and the booking fee no later than 7 days after receipt of the bill with confirmation sent by G&D Recreatie. Unless G&D Recreatie and the tenant reach a tailor-made solution to the contrary.
3. Late payment of the monies due will result in the tenant automatically being deemed negligent. G&D Recreatie will then send the tenant a reminder by e-mail. The booking will be deemed canceled and the option to rent will become defunct if the funds have not been received by G&D Recreatie within 7 days of the reminder.
4. The remainder should be paid no later than 5 weeks before the start of the rental period. Bookings made less than 8 weeks in advance require full payment of the rent and booking fee before the start of the rental period. Please state G&D Recreatie as your payment reference when executing your payment order. Your proof of payment received from your bank (your bank statement) and your reservation confirmation are the two parts which make up the rental agreement.
5. Late payment is deemed just cause for G&D Recreatie to cancel your holiday home. Payments which have already been received will only be refunded if a new tenant is found as a replacement. A refund will consist of no more than 70% of the funds received.
6. The rental agreement will only be realized once the booking form has been received by G&D Recreatie (either by e-mail, post or during a phone booking) and said booking has been confirmed by G&D Recreation in writing or by e-mail. This agreement can be annulled if G&D Recreatie get in touch within one week of receiving the booking form to inform the tenant that the house cannot be rented during the desired period.
7. G&D Recreation do not accept any liability for any damages suffered by the tenant as a result of the use of this reason for annulment should G&D Recreatie use it to dissolve the contract.
8. Bookings are processed in the order in which they are received. We only accept reservations made by people aged 18 or over. At least one person staying on site during the tenancy needs to be aged 18 or over. We retain the right to refuse a booking without the obligation to explain why at any time.

The lessor's obligations
The lessor cannot be held responsible for any disruption, change or obstruction to the tenant's stay if this is the direct result of unforeseen or unpreventable occurrences which take place in spite of them.
The lessor accepts no liability for inconveniences which are the direct result of actions by a third party including the council, province etc. The lessor also does not accept any liability for gas, water or electricity failures which are the direct result of action taken by the gas, water or electricity supplier. The lessor also does not accept any liability for the loss, theft or damage of baggage, personal property or vehicles as well as for any costs resulting from a late arrival at the holiday home due to any delays. Notwithstanding the fact that you are using G&D Recreatie's property; G&D Recreatie does not accept any liability for damages claimed due to these items malfunctioning. We will deal with any breakdowns or defects reported as quickly as possible. However, we do not accept any liability for any resulting delays.
The homes are very habitable and are in shipshape condition. However, G&D Recreatie does not accept any liability for any accidents, damage etc. resulting from your stay. We will, however, help you to continue to enjoy your holiday and with any claims you wish to lodge with your own insurance.

Booking fee
The booking fee is listed on the price/availability pages and differs per house. A booking fee is charged once and is not related to the number of people in your group. This fee is charged when executing your reservation. The amount includes phone calls and postage.

Cancellation by the tenant
G&D Recreatie should be informed of a cancellation made by the tenant in writing following their being informed of said cancellation by phone.
The tenant will owe the following amounts:
1. A cancellation up to 8 weeks prior to arrival: 20% of the total rent;
2. A cancellation made between 8 and 4 weeks prior to arrival: 50% of the total rent;
3. A cancellation made within 4 weeks of arrival will result in the tenant being deemed fully liable for the total rent.
Your booking fee will not be refunded.
Ending your stay prematurely will not result in a reduction of the rent.

Cancellation/changes made by G&D Recreatie
G&D Recreatie will inform the tenant by phone or by e-mail, and if necessary, in writing if G&D Recreatie has cause to cancel a reservation for a rented holiday home (due to electricity or water issues, work being performed by council and necessary repairs for example) as well as cancellations resulting from situations beyond our control such as war, strikes, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions etc.
G&D Recreatie will find you a comparable alternative in the area.
G&D Recreatie will immediately refund the rent paid without the tenant retaining the right to claim more than the rent which has already been transferred. G&D Recreatie bv does not accept liability for any other/addition damages or damages caused through a delay.
G&D Recreatie retains the right to cancel the agreement in the event that the tenant is deemed negligent and/or in any the other cases described in these terms and conditions.

We are not obliged to make any changes to your booking should you wish to make any once your booking has been finalized.
Please contact G&D Recreatie directly if you wish to make a change or any changes to your reservation. G&D Recreatie will confirm any changes in writing if they are accepted. G&D Recreatie will send you a bill for € 25.00 if a new rental agreement is required. This amount will cover the fee to change the booking.

Cancellation insurance and other types of insurance
The tenant is responsible for taking out cancellation insurance and any other types of insurance like travel insurance and health insurance.

Additional costs
The rent includes water and power costs unless stated otherwise.
The rent does not include:
- booking fee
- tourist tax
- obligatory rental of bed linen and towels
- obligatory cleaning costs at the end of your stay
unless agreed otherwise.

Additional terms and rules
The tenant is obliged to deposit their rubbish, bottles, paper etc. into the allocated containers.
The holiday home contains a list of house rules. The tenant is obliged to fully comply with these rules.
A tenant or tenants that cause nuisance or trouble or act in such a way that this may occur and so that a stay in the holiday home is made difficult or so uncomfortable can be expelled by G&D Recreatie from their holiday home in the event that G&D Recreatie can prove that the agreement entered into is not being complied with. All resulting costs are at the tenant(s) own expense in the event that the nuisance or trouble caused can be directly linked to them.
G&D Recreatie does not accept liability for any mistakes on/in the website, adverts, brochures and other methods of notification employed by G&D Recreatie.
The tenant is hereby informed that any damage caused to the holiday home during the tenant's stay is at their own expense unless said tenant can prove the damage was not their fault. G&D Recreatie hereby stipulates that the tenant is obliged to refund G&D Recreatie for any damage caused to the holiday home. The tenant is also obliged to take out third-party insurance.
G&D Recreatie does not accept any liability for the safety of the playground. The tenant is obliged to judge this themselves and determine whether or not the equipment is suitable for their children.
G&D Recreatie retains the right to have repairs and/or limited restoration work carried out during your stay without the tenant being eligible for remuneration.
G&D Recreatie retains the right to visit the holiday home during your stay to perform the work stated above, to inspect the home and to perform any tasks to which G&D Recreatie is obliged to perform for German authorities, this includes reading the meters for the electricity company etc. Please contact the caretaker if anything breaks down in the holiday home during your stay (see rules).
You are not permitted to erect tents, caravans, folding trailers etc.
The number of people eligible to stay in a holiday home is listed on the reservation form. Allowing more guests to spend the night than the amount listed on the reservation is only permitted upon G&D Recreatie's confirmation. G&D Recreatie may deny any requests without stating a reason.
You may only start fires on an allocated barbecue spot. The tenant is responsible for the safety of this fire and is liable for any resulting damages.

No pets allowed.

Complaints and disputes
The text in our brochure and the text on the website and in advertisements etc. has been put together by G&D Recreatie with a great amount of care. However, in some cases your accommodation may not meet the expectations raised by the description. This can lead to irritation and even complaints. Please contact the caretaker immediately if you have any complaints. Please do not wait until the end of your holiday. In many cases, the caretaker will be able to find a solution which meets your needs. This will allow you to continue enjoying your holiday.
Solutions which are not satisfactory will not result in any liability.
Complaints made outside of a 48 hour period following arrival will not be dealt with. Complaints should be made to the caretaker and a written description of the complaint should be sent within a week to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The same rule is applicable to any serious events experienced during your stay in the holiday home.

The tenant should immediately contact the caretaker if they refuse to stay in the holiday home due to the fact that the holiday home does not meet his reasonable expectations. The tenant should also contact G&D Recreatie.
The tenant will need to contact a professional, a bailiff or a solicitor to verify their complaints, in the event that no mutual agreement can be reached. This is necessary to ensure an objective ruling is given.
The rental agreement has been created and should be interpreted using German law. All disputes arising from this rental agreement will be exclusively adjudicated in Germany and in accordance with German law.

The European Commission's online dispute resolution platform can be found at GenD is not willing and is not obliged to participate in a dispute settlement procedure for an arbitration committee for consumer affairs.

Travel documents
The tenant will receive all travel documentation via e-mail following the payment of the first installment. This information will include data about the holiday home and a route description. Information about the key will be provided upon payment of the second installment.

The tenant is responsible for the house, the furniture and any and all items belonging to the holiday home during their stay. Any damage caused by you, or people invited to the property by you, or people staying with you will be paid for at your own cost and is payable to G&D Recreatie.
The rental object/holiday home is the holiday home in question, the land it stands on and any structures on site etc. (inventory, tools, and any and all immovable property on site).
G&D Recreatie retains the right to hold the tenant responsible for any damages caused should remuneration prove insufficient or if payment has not been made in full following the tenant's departure. Any and all related costs are at the tenant's own cost. The tenant being the person listed on the rental agreement. The tenant and his/her party are individually responsible for any losses and/or damages which are the suffered by G&D Recreatie or a third party regardless of whether this damage was a result of negligence on their part of that of a third party and if this damage is caused to the rental property itself and/or items therein as well as any damages caused by any animals or other items they have with them.
G&D Recreatie does not accept any liability for:
- Theft, loss or damage, regardless of the nature, accidents resulting from the state of the building and any movable or immovable property either during or as a result of a stay in a holiday home;
- The breaking down of technical appliances, furniture, playground equipment etc. in the holiday home;
- Accidents of damage in and around the house caused by falling branches, slates etc. during your stay.

A deposit will need to be made for each reservation. This deposit will be transferred to the tenant's account within four weeks after their departure once the house has been inspected and no damages have been found. Any deductions made for damages will be included in an e-mail. This e-mail will contain information about why any deductions have been made.
All houses are fully furnished and contain the items necessary to meet your basic needs. The tenant is obliged restock any items used like toilet paper, dishwasher tablets, washing powder, kitchen roll, coffee, tea etc. G&D Recreatie retains the right to retain some of the money from the deposit to restock these items.

Final clean
The holiday home will be cleaned by G&D Recreatie. Please keep the holiday home neat and make sure you wash up and clean the kitchen before you leave. This allows G&D Recreatie to keep the costs down.

Arrival and departure
Your date of arrival and date of departure are listed on your reservation confirmation and on the website. Information about arrival and departure times can also be found here. Please make sure you leave on time on the last day. We ask this because of the cleaning work that needs to take place in your holiday home.
Please contact G&D Recreatie if you would like to arrange a different arrival or departure time.